Opportunities and challenges

Artificial intelligence (AI) - what is it? How can AI benefit your  organization? What should be considered when making a decision?

In addition to demonstrating how AI technologies can be used in different industries using practical concepts and examples, this training will present the reality of today's AI technologies as well as how they can be utilized.

During this training, you'll get an introduction to AI and its subdomains. Additionally, an overview of the most important AI technologies will help you learn more about AI product design's systemic approach, the key components to success, and the crucial role data plays.

The training includes practical exercises based on case scenarios where participants will apply their knowledge.

Audience: This training is open to anyone wanting an overview of AI

Prerequisites: None


After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Identify the different domains of AI and appreciate its many applications
  • Identify emerging ecosystems in AI
  • Understand the AI design process
  • Understand the importance of acquiring quality data
  • Identify opportunities for AI use in your organization

Training method

A lecture approach, combined with practical examples and exercises, will facilitate a good understanding of AI and all of its possibilities.


  • Definition and history of AI
  • Domains of AI and examples of its uses
  • The AI design process
  • AI: how to evaluate the possibilities?
  • Potential issues related to data usage, accountability and transparency
  • AI and potential discrimination
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